About Me

Practicing through the auspices of Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization providing affordable

psychotherapy to children, teens, adults, couples, families and groups throughout San Francisco, the East Bay and Contra Costa County.​

When I was a freshman in college I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in. I took Psych 101 my first semester...whoa...mind blown. I was so excited to be learning how my psyche worked and so many things were starting to make sense. I fell in love. This is what I was going to study. And I did for two years. Until...the marathon of statistics classes started. Not fun. And I wanted to have fun.

I switched my major to Hotel and Restaurant Management. It was fun. Then I became a chef. I went to culinary school in San Francisco after undergrad. I fell in love. I was a professional chef for 10 years and loved every minute of it. I still love cooking. 

After 10 years as a chef, I decided to change careers. I found my way back to my first love. I went back to school and received a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

The parallels and polarities in my two career paths have been inspiring and interesting. One is more tangible than the other. The results and changes in therapy are easier to see when we look back over time, but sautéing kale only takes 5 minutes. However, profound and lasting growth can come from an intangible process. Psychotherapy and cooking are both part science, part art. Learning how to cook or learning how to heal ourselves both take time, practice, patience, and tenacity. Creating a strong foundation is important. I can help you with that.